The classic comedy horror presented as a radio play that doesn't quite go to plan.
The self help video that every wife has been waiting for. Follow this easy guide and you'll be a widow in no time.
Gilbert and Sullivan's opera set in a hospital complete with Wandering Locum Minstrel!

Proof that you are never too old to fall in love so long as you are prepared to face up to issues from the past.
A slice of naughtiness that comes complete with 80s music and fashions.
A modern take on Waiting for Godot which explores friendship and mental illness.
A stark hospital drama about loneliness, loss and reconciliation
A Murder mystery with a ridiculous policeman and plenty of audience participation
No holds barred farce about community groups coming together - and falling aprt - to celebrate their new village hall.
Award winning favourite about a hapless facilitator and her group of unwilling brainstormers.
A sneak view at what the people on the IT Support line get up to between calls.
Who killed Julius Caesar? This is a job for New York Private Dick, Maximus Flavius Maximus.
Squabbling siblings are united when one breaks up with her gross boyfriend but all is not what it seems.
Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors for children with genders reversed and everything in rhyme. Well, almost.
A projection of the imagery from the David Bowie song into a dystopian future.
A festival adjudicator takes the opportunity to right ancient injustices.
A teenager who loves Eminem and her elderly neighbour who has a fondness for Phillip Larkin.
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