The Girl in the Bubble

JOHN (Taking out his ipod earphones) Ester Rantzen wasn’t it.


JOHN The girl in the bubble.

MIKE Ester Rantzen was the girl in the bubble?

JOHN No. She brought her to the public attention. On that show of hers.

MIKE What have you been listening to?

JOHN The Divine Comedy.

MIKE I really can’t keep track of this conversation.

JOHN They’re a group. They were just singing ‘Do you remember the girl in the bubble’

MIKE And you do.


MIKE Congratulations.

JOHN She was allergic to everything.


JOHN You must have heard about her.


JOHN It was in all the papers.

MIKE And on Ester Rantzen’s show.

JOHN Yes. If she got a whiff of anything, or if she ate something she shouldn’t, it would make her ill.

MIKE (Deliberately) Ester Rantzen?

JOHN No, the girl in the bubble you idiot. She had to live in sensory denial. No smell, no taste. She just existed inside her bubble.

MIKE Not much of a life then.

JOHN Tragic it was. Really tragic. The whole nation felt for her.

MIKE So what happened to her?

JOHN I’ve no idea. (He puts his earphones back in.)