Just A Minute

Nick: Gordon, you have one minute to describe yourself without repetition, hesitation or deviation, starting now.

Gordon: Honoured and humbled by the trust you have given me, I speak to you for the first time as leader. So what first made me want to do something in public service? I don’t recall all the sermons my father preached Sunday after Sunday. But I will never forget these words he left me with: “we must be givers as well as getters”. Put something back. And by doing so make a difference. And this is my moral compass. This is who I am. I am a conviction politician. I stand for a Britain…

Nick: Paul, you challenged.

Paul: It’s just too easy isn’t it? I don’t know, repetition because we’ve heard it all before, hesitation because he waited ten years to say it and deviation because he’s talking drivel anyway.

Nick: I agree with your challenge. You have 20 seconds left to describe Gordon.

Paul: I’ll never forget the time when I was just a little boy when Gordon called me over, sat me on his knee and said “Hear me when I say: No matter where you come from. No matter your background. No matter what school you go to. My message, our message, is and must be…”

Someone blows a whistle.