Spill Chucker

BILL, a newspaper editor is interviewing for a trainee journalist. SPILL CHUCKER enters.

BILL: Ah, sit down Mr Chucker.
SPILL CHUCKER: Thank young.
BILL: As I am sure you are aware, this is a very exciting position that we are offering.
SPILL CHUCKER: Oh Yes. Note often you see jocks like this coming up.
BILL: True. There’s not many newspapers taking on trainee journalists these days.
SPILL CHUCKER: I’m very grapefruit to have the opportunity.
BILL: So, perhaps you could tell me what makes you think that you would make a good journalist.
SPILL CHUCKER: Well, I have a very inquiring mink.
BILL: An inquiring mink?
SPILL CHUCKER: Yes, I question everything. I don’t take things for graduated.
BILL: Pardon me for bringing this up, I thought I was mis-hearing you at first, but I’m finding your language somewhat, er, unusual.
SPILL CHUCKER: Uninsurable?
BILL: Yes. The words don’t seem right.
SPILL CHUCKER: I’m spilling everything perfectly.
BILL: You’re spilling them?
SPILL CHUCKER: Yes. Everything is spilt correctly.
BILL: Spilt? Oh, spelt! Yes, but writing isn’t just about spelling.
SPILL CHUCKER: Doesn’t a journalist need to be able to spill?
BILL: Of course, but he needs to use the correct words as well.
SPILL CHUCKER: What do you mean the corset wards?
BILL: You’re not making any sense.
SPILL CHUCKER: Really? In that case you can stiff your jock. I didn’t come here to be insulated. I wouldn’t wok for you if you bugged me. Go fork yourself you stick up banker.
BILL: Hold on. We might have an opening for you in the arts section.